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Although cement mosaic for many years was considered a finish for old residences, its many advantages have made it reposition itself as one of the current protagonists of decoration and interior design, and every day more brands and franchises are discovering that it is an ideal alternative when it comes to designing a unique and unrepeatable image for their commercial premises while keeping costs under control and being environmentally friendly.

If you have a commercial decoration project coming up, take note because today you will learn about all the benefits that handmade cement mosaic offers you. 

1.- It is 100% customizable

Without a doubt, the hydraulic mosaic is one of the finishes that come available in more shapes, colors, and sizes, but not only this: if you do not find the exact tone or design you are looking for, you can also customize it.

This possibility is very exciting when you are looking for a style that no one else has and that is difficult to copy for the visual and decorative identity of a franchise or a brand, and not only in the hospitality and restaurant field but also for premises such as dry cleaners, shipping, pharmacies, doctors’ offices, wellness centers and so on.

In any case, first, make sure that a model like the one you need is not already in the catalog, and then use a professional designer to help you define the colors and patterns that best suit your needs. Before sending a batch of custom cement mosaics to be manufactured, be sure to compare several proposals and generate a render or virtual image of each one. Once the design is approved, you can start quoting how much a complete batch would cost with different manufacturers.

At Studio Cement Tiles we can help you with this. We have more than a century of experience in handmade cement mosaic and our experts will be happy to support you throughout the process and send you preliminary product tests.

2.- It is easy to install and very durable

Although there are undoubtedly faster installation coverings, such as vinyl or ceramic, in terms of durability cement mosaic takes the cake, since it lasts practically a lifetime, and its installation is still much easier than that of other materials, such as wood. It requires a technician specialized in this particular type of tiles, but the work is ready in a matter of 48 to 72 hours. 

3.- It is very versatile

The cement mosaic tile is not only useful for the floors of your premises: it is equally useful for walls, bars, tables, and even facades, for kitchens, bathrooms, and rooms. As you can have batches of different colors and designs made, with the same finish it is possible to achieve an original atmosphere and escape from monotony in every corner.


4.- It is easy to clean and its maintenance is simple

Thanks to good sealing, the cement mosaic is very easy to clean and sanitize coating, which in the new normality will be a decisive criterion when choosing materials in construction and interior design. Additionally, it has an advantage that almost no other finish has, and that is that with proper maintenance, i.e., polished and resealed every two to three years, depending on use, it looks like new for life.

 Even in the remote case that a tile breaks or fractures, it is possible to replace a single piece without having to throw away the rest of the tile, as is the case with ceramic.

5.- It is a finish that is respectful of nature

The icing on the cake is that by basing your commercial interior design project on cement tiles as the main covering, you are also betting on an environmentally friendly alternative. The manufacture of hydraulic mosaic tile is done in an artisanal way, without CO2 emissions and using local materials. 

Now that you know that handmade cement mosaic is your best ally in this interior design project, it’s time for you to take a look at our catalog to find all the inspiration you need. 

At Studio Cement Tiles we love to offer you one of the highest quality and most versatile coverings available. If you thought that cement mosaics had gone out of fashion or were only for floors, you should take a look at our catalog: you will see that there are hundreds of original, modern and unique models for all kinds of surfaces.