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The world of cement mosaics is as wide as it is original. Maybe when you think of hydraulic tiles you think of the typical colonial designs and square pieces of the last century and before, and maybe you consider that this tile is already in disuse, but the reality is that it is going through a new wave of popularity due to its great value for money, and more and more interior designers and builders use it in their projects because it looks great, lasts a lifetime, and to top it off, it is sustainable. 

At Studio Cement Tile we love to share with you some of the inspiration that keeps us designing the most stunning and versatile handcrafted creations on the market. If you are considering using hydraulic tiles for your residential or commercial decor, take a look at these ideas with new types of patterns and shapes and check out the many uses you can put them to.  

1.- Cement tiles in bright colors and mixed patterns

 Previously, very complex patterns used to be created by taking advantage of the kaleidoscopic designs of cement tiles. Nowadays, this has not stopped altogether, but combining mosaics of different patterns to create more colorful and original spaces is becoming the new trend.  

If you want to explore this option, just consider that there should always be a “common thread” between the tiles you choose, so that they do not cease to have aesthetic congruence with each other. In the first image we see a pattern generated from four different designs with three consistent color lines, and in the second we see more variety of designs but that share the simplicity and brightness of solid colors. 

Here we can see a very interesting and bold bet in which it seems that the tiles were combined arbitrarily but, looking more closely, we see that they are carefully selected so that the gray and warm tones generate a balanced visual pattern.

In this other example we see a very interesting combination of collage and carpet style; the space is visually delimited in a very aesthetic way, but the design is much more modern as it does not form one of the traditional gargoyle patterns that we are used to in older decorations. Additionally, it plays with different designs very loaded, but gives them balance by betting on a single scale of grays.

2.- Scale, hexagonal and pentagonal mosaics

Although for many years the most popular form of hydraulic mosaic was the square tile because it simplify installation, there are now more options that generate a very interesting visual impact. For example, flake-shaped tiles are ideal for bathrooms because they refer us to the ocean, but they can also be used to cover floors and walls in the rest of the rooms, as a backsplash in the kitchen and the children’s room. 

Hexagonal hydraulic tiles deserve a special mention as it is increasingly common taking advantage of its iconic shape to create very modern and pleasing to the eye visual divisions. Plus this tile design looks amazing when combined with other types of coverings, such as plywood or plaster. 

Finally, if you are looking for something different, you can always go for the little explored diamond or pentagonal tile, whose installation is slightly more complex, but with which you can get amazing geometric patterns.

In Studio Cement Tiles we have one of the most extensive catalogs in cement mosaics, where you can find from classic designs to the most modern and daring. In addition, if you need a completely customized coating, we can also manufacture it for you.