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Encaustic Cement Tiles

The Beauty and Versatility of Encaustic Cement Tiles: Your Questions Answered

Encaustic cement tiles have long been revered for their stunning designs and remarkable durability. But as their popularity rises, so do the questions about their applications and maintenance. At Studio Cement Tile, we’re here to demystify these beauties and help you make informed decisions.

Can Cement Tiles Be Used Outdoors?

Absolutely! Encaustic cement tiles are versatile and can be a great fit for outdoor settings. When choosing tiles for an exterior space, it’s essential to pick designs that resonate with the outdoors. For instance, our Cement tiles Hexagonal patterns 8×8 provide an organic feel, perfect for patios and garden pathways.

Can Cement Tiles Be Used in a Shower?

Yes, cement tiles can be used in showers. Their non-porous nature and resistance to moisture make them suitable for wet environments. Tiles like our Cement tiles Fishscale plain colors 8×8 can introduce a spa-like ambiance to your bathroom space.

Can Cement Tiles Be Used Outside?

Indeed, similar to their outdoor capability, cement tiles are apt for exterior walls or ground applications. Whether you’re thinking of a feature wall using our Cement tiles patterns 8×8 or a backyard path, cement tiles offer both aesthetics and longevity.

Do Cement Tiles Need to Be Sealed?

Yes, sealing is essential. Encaustic cement tiles are porous, which means they can absorb water and other substances. To protect them from staining and ensure their longevity, they should be sealed. Sealing also enhances the tile’s natural colors, making designs like our Cement tiles plain colors 8×8 pop with vibrancy.

Do Cement Tiles Stain?

If not sealed properly, encaustic cement tiles can stain. As they are porous, they might absorb liquids like wine, coffee, or oils. But with proper sealing and prompt cleaning of spills, you can keep your tiles looking pristine.

Do Cement Tiles Chip Easily?

Encaustic cement tiles are known for their durability. However, like all tiles, they can chip if subjected to heavy impact. The good news is, due to their color-through nature, even if they chip, the design remains consistent. For high-traffic areas or spaces where there might be a risk of heavy objects falling, you might want to consider robust options like our Cement tiles Bricks 2×8 plain colors.

Encaustic cement tiles are more than just a design trend. They’re a marriage of art and functionality. Whether you’re contemplating a home renovation or just curious about these tiles, understanding their nature and care requirements can help you enjoy their beauty for years.

From contemporary to traditional homes, these tiles, with their myriad designs — be it patterns, plain colors, or distinct shapes like hexagonal and fishscale — offer options for every aesthetic. Dive into our collections at Studio Cement Tile and find the perfect match for your design aspirations.

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