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We finally say goodbye to 2021! Undoubtedly it has been a year full of challenges and has made clear the importance of turning the home into a harmonious space that makes us feel calm, motivated and happy. Many people are planning decorative changes for 2022, so in Studio Cement Tiles we want to close the year with 12 great ideas to use cement mosaic in your next interior design project.

 Ready to start the countdown?

12.- Cement mosaic for kitchen counters, tables, and countertops

Normally, we think of hydraulic mosaics as an option for floors and maybe walls, and nothing more about it. But the reality is that it can be used for virtually any surface and its designs are so numerous that it’s like having a customized piece of furniture. 

11.- Partial cement tiles

Who says that a wall has to have the same finish in all its area? If you like some particular tile design, but you are looking for something a little bit more original in a certain room like the kitchen or the bathroom, try to cover just the inferior half of the wall and dare with audace patrons in the division lines, with hexagonal tile or another shape of your preference. 

10.- Fireplaces

Besides the fact that it looks amazing, one of the huge advantages of covering the outside of a fireplace with hydraulic mosaics is that it is much easier to clean the remains of soot, and if the mosaic becomes dirty, a simple polishing and resealing leaves it as good as new. 

9.- Cement mosaic tile for the kitchen backsplas

The wall behind the stove and kitchen sink is the one that gets the dirtiest. Covering it with cement mosaic not only makes it easier to clean but also allows for a more original design and gives more visual depth to the space. We recommend you to choose hydraulic mosaic and not ceramic tiles because hydraulic mosaic is much more durable and is more difficult to break.

8.- Cement mosaic tile for dirty areas

As we have sayed, mosaic tiles are easy to clean, and even if they get difficult stains they can be polished as much as you need without losing their colors and patterns. That is why they are an ideal choice for the floor under stoves, fireplaces, kitchen counters, hallways, etc.

 7.- Cement mosaic for small spaces

There are many corners in the house that with a little imagination become spaces that are functional and very attractive to the eye. Cupboards, pillars, and wall niches look amazing with cement mosaic. 

6.- Cement mosaic tile for the foyer

Visually, delimiting the space in the foyer, whether it is a large or small one, helps to have a more cozy feeling when we get home. One of the advantages of handmade cement mosaic is that it comes in so many designs that you can easily choose one for a foyer that matches the rest of the decor of your home, but at the same time gives it an air of contrast. 

5.- Cement mosaic as a rug!

Just as you hear it. If you want a carpet that doesn’t need to be vacuumed or shaken and doesn’t collect dust, look for cement mosaic options. Some are specifically designed to emulate classic rugs, but you can play with a variety of designs.

4.- Cement mosaic for original stairs

The front face of the steps is one of the most important visual elements of the stairs and at the same time one of the most neglected. The good news is that with a few pieces of cement mosaic cut to size you can turn your staircase into the protagonist of your decoration.

3.- Cement mosaic combined with wood flooring

On wood floors that are already several years old, it is very common that high traffic areas get too dirty. But you don’t need to change the whole floor: you can use this cool trick and replace only the most worn areas with cement mosaic. Not only does it look amazing, but it’s also a great way to save money. 

2.- Cement mosaic for patios, planters, and fountains

The hydraulic mosaic tile is also ideal for exteriors, you just need to have the proper sealing. Not only is it a great alternative to make small patios look very cozy, but it can also be used in planters, benches, fountains, walls, etc. 

1.- Cement mosaic for facades

If you want the facade of your home or business to stand out, but do not want to invest a large sum in a remodeling, simply find the hydraulic mosaic design that you like more and let your imagination fly, as in this beautiful arch that gets an attractive and fresh effect. 

Did you like these ideas? Now it’s time to choose the color, size, and design of your mosaic tiles. Visit our catalog and start 2021 with new energy.

At Studio Cement Tiles we love to offer you one of the highest quality and most versatile coverings available. If you thought that cement mosaics had gone out of fashion or were only for floors, you should take a look at our catalog: you will see that there are hundreds of original, modern and unique models for all kinds of surfaces.