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Cement mosaic tiles are the ideal choice for decorating your home or commercial project with an elegant, durable finish that, above all, can add real value to a space.

The variety of colors, designs and patterns of cement tiles is virtually unlimited, which makes them a material that not only serves as a floor covering, for bathrooms and kitchens but also gives a unique touch to other functional and decorative elements of any room.

Today we are going to give you five original ideas to encourage you to use cement mosaic tiles in a way you may not have thought of.


1.Design Floors

Hydraulic mosaic tile for floors is something that can be found in both old and modern constructions, as it is gaining a lot of popularity again, but you may not have thought that what you can achieve with them goes far beyond a simple repetitive pattern.

First of all, remember that cement mosaic tiles are one of the most customizable finishes available on the market, so if you have a unique design in mind for a space, you can have a batch made to the specifications you need.

Of course, if you don’t want to go that far, there are plenty of classic and modern designs you can play with to give the floor an unmistakable pattern that fits perfectly with the lines of the surrounding space.

Don’t rule out the possibility of combining cement mosaic with some other finish, such as wood.

2. Stairs

A simple and very original way to give personality to your stairs is to use cement mosaic tiles in the space between the steps. This is a trick that gives a great look to stairs both indoors and outdoors.

3.- Panels and surfaces for kitchens and bathrooms

In addition to floors, there are many surfaces that you can cover with handcrafted cement mosaic tiles. One of the most common is the back wall of the sink or stove. Consider that for bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms exposed to moisture, you need a cement tile with a waterproof finish.

Here is a very colorful example where the leftover mosaic tile was used and a fabulous effect was achieved.

You can also extend the mosaic tile from the bathroom floor to one of the shower walls to give depth and a sleeker line to the space.

4. Garden decoration

As well as in kitchens and bathrooms, cement mosaic tiles in gardens and exteriors should have a waterproof treatment. Check with your dealer to see which models are most resistant to water and weather conditions. Fountains and pools are also amenities that can really stand out with the right cement mosaic tile. They can even become unique decorative elements.

 5. Walls and frames

When it comes to handmade cement mosaics, there are many ways to “break the mold”. One of them are decorations with the same pattern in small spaces, where the contrasting element is the furniture.

We also leave you with this excellent idea that gives an incomparable visual appeal to a wall that runs from the first to the second floor, facing the stairs, and that is also made with a combination of very different pieces, but that have chromatic ranges that combine perfectly.

At Studio Cement Tiles we love to offer you one of the highest quality and most versatile coverings available. If you thought that cement mosaics had gone out of fashion or were only for floors, you should take a look at our catalog: you will see that there are hundreds of original, modern and unique models for all kinds of surfaces.