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Whether you are building a new house, have just moved into a new home, or simply want to redecorate one or more bathrooms, in this article you will find the details you need to know to achieve a bright and elegant aesthetic that favors 100% the optics of the space. Of course, resorting to a star element: handmade cement mosaic tiles.  Take note because we are going to give you six tips that interior designers and mosaic decoration specialists never overlook when it comes to a bathroom.

1. Choose the best material for your mosaic tiles: cement

 Mosaic is one of the best coverings, if not the best, that you can choose when it comes to giving a good finish to kitchens, bathrooms, patios, hallways, etc. Now, the important thing is to determine which is the best material. There are three main types of the mosaic that you can choose: ceramic, porcelain, and cement mosaic. Between ceramic and “porcelain” mosaic tiles the only difference that exists is one of quality: the so-called “porcelain” mosaic is simply a premium ceramic mosaic tile. 

On the other hand, cement or paste tiles are much thicker, more resistant and are handmade in an artisan way. Their production, moreover, has a much lower environmental impact than the production of ceramic tiles. It is often thought that only ceramic tiles are waterproof enough to cover surfaces in areas exposed to moisture, but the reality is that it is possible to treat cement mosaics in such a way that their waterproof capacity is the same. Plus, with simple annual maintenance, they always look like they were just installed. 

2. Look for a neutral color base.

Bathrooms tend to be small rooms and are usually among the worst lit as the windows don’t tend to be very large. But these typical drawbacks are nothing that cannot be solved by taking care of two aspects: the colors of the finishes and the lighting. Regarding colors, the smaller a bathroom should be, the lighter and more neutral the base you use for the mosaics. The larger a bathroom is, on the contrary, the more possibilities it will offer for darker, more vibrant and contrasting tones.

3. Select a contrasting design 

Now, even if you have a very small bathroom, it doesn’t make any sense to put only light tiles in it without any design or any contrasting pattern. Choose a matching but a slightly different tone, or a design that draws a lot of attention, and apply it on one of the walls, on the inside of the shower, on the back of the sink, etc. Ideally, the mosaic or contrasting design should be the first thing you notice when you open the bathroom door. 

4. Choose bathroom furniture that stands out

Fortunately, there is a huge catalog from which you can choose your bathroom furniture in almost any color you want. We recommend you to choose sinks and toilet bowls made of materials that are very resistant and easy to clean, and in which scale does not accumulate easily.  Find a color for your bathroom furniture that contrasts harmoniously with your cement tile base, and that matches your tile or your contrasting pattern. 

5. Take lighting into account

 Light is what, at the end of the day, gives that particular play to colors and determines how spacious or enclosed a space looks. We recommend that the wall that receives the most natural light should be covered with a clear and bright mosaic so that light is better distributed in the room. Artificial lighting should preferably highlight the contrasting wall. 

6.- Do not neglect the ceiling  

Finally, if you have already invested so much effort in decorating the bathroom, it is not logical to neglect the ceiling. Although we do not often pay attention to it, the reality is that you should also invest in a very waterproof paint or coating to prevent the formation of moisture stains by steam in the long run. 

At Studio Cement Tiles we offer you a wide range of handmade mosaics to make your bathroom design unique, original, cozy and personalized. Start designing your ideal space today and take a look at our catalog: you will see that there are hundreds of original, modern and unique models for all kinds of surfaces.