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Mastering the Care of Encaustic Cement Tiles: Tips and Insights

Encaustic cement tiles, with their timeless charm and durability, have become a favorite choice for many homeowners. But like every good thing, they require a touch of care to keep their beauty intact. At Studio Cement Tile, we are committed to not only providing you with the best tiles but also equipping you with the knowledge to maintain them. Let’s delve into some of the commonly asked questions.

How to Keep Your Cement Tiles in Good Condition: A Comprehensive List

  1. Regular Cleaning: Use a pH-neutral cleaner for routine cleaning. Avoid acidic or harsh chemicals, which can damage the tiles.
  2. Promptly Address Spills: Especially acidic substances like lemon juice or vinegar. This will help prevent potential staining.
  3. Use Soft Cleaning Tools: A soft mop or cloth is ideal. Avoid abrasive brushes or pads that might scratch the tile surface.
  4. Seal the Tiles: This acts as a protective barrier against moisture, stains, and everyday wear. More on this below!
  5. Re-seal When Necessary: Depending on foot traffic and usage, you may need to re-seal every couple of years.
  6. Use Furniture Pads: If placing heavy furniture on cement tiles, use protective pads underneath to avoid scratches or damage.
  7. Avoid Dragging Heavy Objects: This might cause unwanted scratches or chipping.
  8. Regularly Inspect for Damage: Catching and addressing minor damages early can prevent more significant issues later.

Do Cement Tiles Need to Be Sealed?

Absolutely! Sealing is a non-negotiable step for encaustic cement tiles. Given their porous nature, sealing creates a barrier that helps in repelling water and stains, ensuring that the tiles remain vibrant and unspoiled for years. Both our patterned, like Cement tiles patterns 8×8, and plain collections, such as Cement tiles plain colors 8×8, benefit from this protection, preserving their elegance.

Do Cement Tiles Stain?

The raw nature of encaustic cement tiles means they’re susceptible to staining if not correctly treated. From wine spills on your lovely Cement tiles Hexagonal patterns 8×8 in the dining area to a drop of olive oil on your kitchen’s Cement tiles Bricks 2×8 plain colors, unsightly spots can occur. However, with proper sealing and quick attention to spills, staining can be effectively prevented.

Also, in wet areas like bathrooms, using tiles like our Cement tiles Fishscale plain colors 8×8 without proper sealing might lead to water absorption and potential discoloration. Hence, sealing becomes doubly essential.

In Conclusion

Encaustic cement tiles bring a mix of tradition and modernity to any space. With their intricate designs and robust build, they’re bound to be the centerpiece of your décor. However, knowledge about their care is crucial. Equipped with these tips, you can ensure your tiles remain as magnificent as the day you got them.

At Studio Cement Tile, we pride ourselves on offering the best, and with our comprehensive range, from hexagonal to plain colors, there’s something for every aesthetic and need. Dive in and find your perfect match!

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